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Melbourne is very much about lifestyle. It is no huge surprise to residents that their city has been ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

There is a lot to love about Melbourne - just ask the locals. This sophisticated world city in the south-east corner of mainland Australia inspires a deep passion in those who live here.

Population: 4.246.345

Melbourne is very much about lifestyle. It is no huge surprise to residents that their city has been ranked as one of the world?s most liveable cities.

Melburnians love the city's vibrant energy, restaurants, fashion boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, spacious parks and village - like inner suburbs, each with its own special character.

Melbourne is a young city and as such it never sits still. Modern, cutting-edge designs add to the fascinating mix of heritage architecture and ensure the skyline is constantly changing.


Victorias climate is marked by a range of different climate zones, from the hot, dry regions of the northwest to the alpine snowfields in the northeast. 

Melbourne has a reputation for its changeable weather, but as a general rule, the city enjoys a temperate climate with warm to hot summers; mild, balmy springs and autumns; and cool winters. Temperatures average 25°C in summer and 14°C in winter. Rainfall is highest from May to October.


Melbourne's public transport is the easiest and best way to get around the city.

Buy a Myki smartcard for flexible travel between trains, trams and buses. You'll be able to use public transport in and around the city for just a few hours or all day.

The City Circle Tram is a free service around central Melbourne taking passengers past some of Melbourne's major attractions.

The NightRider is a late night bus service that operates on Fridays and Saturdays. NightRider buses leave from safe locations in the central city and make over 300 stops along ten NightRider routes.

One - Way ticket:
3.60 A$

Monthly pass: 129.50 A$

Discover the City and its Laneways: Melbourne the city itself is, undisputedly, the main attraction, and whether by bike, by bus or by foot, exploring the city is an absolute must. Filled with quirky alley ways, hidden shops, art galleries and indie theatres, it certainly earns its reputation as Australia's culture capital.

See the Wildlife at a Zoo or Aquarium: Melbourne offers an array of high-level wildlife attractions of various kinds, covering all the best local Aussie animals as well as exotic species from abroad. The city is rich in both zoos and aquariums, both of which are generally quite reasonably priced.

Experience the Great Ocean Road: Often acclaimed as the most stunning drive in Australia - and one of the best in the world. One of Australia's most scenic vantage points. The sheer array of vistas and views on offer with a trip along the Great Ocean Road is staggering - enough that it's been nominated as one of the Most Beautiful Places in Australia.

Travel to Phillip Island: One of the most popular natural destinations that's outside Melbourne. With a trip to Phillip Island, you'll be able to watch thousands of Little Penguins make their way to shore every night at the home of the world's largest Little Penguin colony.


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