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Berkeley is renowned for its world-class university, liberal politics, 1960s Free Speech Movement roots, and cultural and culinary pursuits.

Berkeley is renowned for its world-class university, liberal politics, 1960s Free Speech Movement roots, and cultural and culinary pursuits.

Population: 100.744

Berkeley is a small town located between Bristol and Gloucester, in the English county of Gloucestershire on the edge of the Cotswolds. The historical town has existed in the Vale of Berkeley for over 9 centuries, as long as its main tourist attraction, Berkeley Castle.

Visitors will find an eclectic mix of cultures and attitudes in free-thinking Berkeley. Today's Berkeley is not as radical as the one found in modern American history books, but the sense of vitality that pervades much of the city can be attributed to the variety of students, scientists, activists, hippies, and yuppies that call it home.

Berkeley has a cool summer Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and wet winters. Winter is punctuated with rainstorms of varying ferocity and duration, but also produces stretches of bright sunny days and clear cold nights. It does not normally snow, though occasionally the hilltops get a dusting. Spring and fall are transitional and intermediate, with some rainfall and variable temperature.

Summer typically brings night and morning low clouds or fog, followed by sunny, warm days. The warmest and driest months are typically June through September, with the highest temperatures occurring in September.

Mid-summer (July–August) is often a bit cooler. Average January temperatures are from 13.6 °C to 6.4 °C. Average September (the warmest month) temperatures are a maximum 22.1 °C and a minimum 13.3 °C. 

AC Transit is the primary bus operator within Berkeley and the East Bay area. Most routes converge in downtown.

Bus fares are $2.00 for adults, plus 25¢ additional for a transfer good on one connecting bus. Transbay buses to/from San Francisco cost $4.00 and include one free transfer. Seniors, the disabled, and older children receive discounted fares, and young children are free. Day passes are not available, and no transfers to BART are available.

Tilden Regional Park: There is a 10 acre Botanic Garden in the Tilden Regional Park. There are ten sections to represent the ten different regions in California.

University of California at Berkeley: The beautiful campus has a number of sites to see including the Bell Tower, a fantastic children's science museum, and often holds concerts and the like.

Lawrence Hall of Science: Perched on the mountains to the east of town, on the UC Berkeley Campus, is the Lawrence Hall Science Museum. This museum is a great place to take kids and has a number of kid friendly displays.

Sather Tower:  Is one of several buildings on the UC Berkeley Campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places that are well worth seeing.

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