University Foundation Course /
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University Preparation courses are designed for international students intending to join university in a foreign country.

As well as improving general language skills, University foundation courses prepare students for university study and life, and should lead the students towards achieving the required examination score for successful entry to university. 

This course includes international language examinations preparation, compulsory to any foreign students university application. 

Most schools also have close links with local universities and offer students advice and guidance in their choice of studies. Students will be looked after throughout the university application process by a team of academic professionals. Intakes are usually scheduled on specific dates. 

At the end of your course you will have: 

  • Gained confidence in practicing the language both orally and verbally. 
  • Gained a better overall understanding of the language. 
  • Gained an overall knowledge of the University life and core subjects. 
  • Acquired confidence in the local type of teaching.
  • Acquired the necessary experience to successfully follow the curriculum and pass examinations. 

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