It doesn't matter which country are you from, come and learn about our booking process and start right now making your dreams come true!!!


Babel Studies has all the experience to advise you best along the process, you will easily become part of our family as we explain you the way we work by letting you know what happens after you have enquired, all the way through your first day at school.


1.Choose your destination, learning centre and course:


Use our website and choose the best country, school and course according to your likes and needs. The help of our advisors is totally free!!!.

2.Choose your accommodation
if necessary:


Our Schools and Universities offer different types of accommodation, you can choose between residence, homestay, hotels and hostels. Keep in mind your dietary requirements, medical condition or allergies.

3.Fill out the application form to the course you chose:


Please always read the school terms and conditions before applying to a course and clarify any doubts with the help of our advisors.

4.Visa application
if needed


BBabel Studies will send you your confirmation of enrolment. Visa applicants will be advised for free by our visa expert, so feel free to ask for help. After your visa is approved, you can buy your flight tickets and travel insurance with us.

5.Make your


Notice that you can do the payment yourself directly to the school or university abroad, or if you want, Babel Studies can help you!! The process would be the same and we do not charge any extra costs. A couple of weeks before arrival your Babel Studies advisor will send you your accommodation details (if booked).

6.Arrive in your accommodation and start lessons the next day!


If you have booked your accommodation with Babel Studies then you will be given advice on how to reach the school on your first day and start living this wonderful experience!!!