60 Million Postcards

This one is probably my favourite bar in Bournemouth. It's definitely not the place to come to save money though, and at first its location isn't very obvious. However, once you know where to look you can't miss it because of the beautiful graffiti all ov

The reasons for the bar's strange name will become obvious when you look behind the bar, there might not be sixty million of them, but there's a lot of post cards! The bar is very big with a similarly large smoking area - both of which are full of comfy seating and cool modern decoration.

It's always very busy on the weekends when the locals fill the place. They always have interesting music on in here and you can never be sure of what you are going to get. They put a lot more effort into their music selection than some of the other bars who just play chart/commercial music. Check their Facebook page to see who the DJ or band is on the evening you want to go. They play everything : Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, House - any type of music is at home here. The great music, atmosphere and decoration come with a price though - and that is the price of the drinks! This is definitely not Bar Me or any of the other cheap bars in Bournemouth.

A pint of beer will cost you between £3-4 but it will be a hell of a lot tastier than the cheap ones you can buy for 1/2 the price elsewhere in town. They have an awesome selection of tasty beers from all around Europe and the world and if you're unsure of what to go for then the bar staff are very friendly and will happily give you some advice on what the best ones to go for are. They also have a huge range of wine and cocktails for any ladies (and gentlemen) who would prefer not to drink beer!

So it's expensive, but I'm poor and it's still my favourite bar. If you get here early on it would be a cool place to take a girl on a date!! Just make sure you have enough money to pay for the drinks. I wouldn't go here too late though as it will definitely be too lively and busy for romance - it's party time.

The bar also does awesome food - their burger menu is famous in Bournemouth! The best time to try these out would be on a Tuesday because they are buy one get one free. Click the images for the weekday and Sunday Menus. Of course Sundays mean that it's Sunday Roast day - check the Food section if that meal isn't familiar to you!

Source: http://www.lovebournemouth.co.uk/60millionpostcards

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