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Hilly Cincinnati boasts a thriving arts scene, major league sports teams, a world-class zoo and aquarium and a revitalized riverfront with shopping, clubs and restaurants.

Hilly Cincinnati boasts a thriving arts scene, major league sports teams, a world-class zoo and aquarium and a revitalized riverfront with shopping, clubs and restaurants.

Population: 2.130.151

Amidst the gently rolling hills along the Ohio River, Cincinnati USA spreads from the southwestern corner of Ohio into Northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. Diverse and strong.

Greater Cincinnati is the headquarters city for various national and international companies Located on the Ohio River in southwestern Ohio, Cinci claims more than 4,000 restaurants, and more chili restaurants than any other city in the world. 

The city is a world leader in production of machine tools, playing cards, soaps and detergents. It figures prominently in the production of building materials, cans, chemicals, clothing, cosmetics, electronic equipment, jet engines and valves. Cincinnati USA is home to nine Fortune 500 companies and 2 Fortune 100 companies.


Summers are hot and humid, with significant rainfall in each month and highs reaching 32 °C or above on 21 days per year, often with high dew points and humidity. July is the warmest month, with a daily average temperature of 24.4 °C.

Winters tend to be cold and snowy, with January, the coldest month, averaging at 0.7 °C); with rainfall peaking in spring.

Cincinnati lacks light rail or a working subway system, so the main form of public transportation is by bus. The region is served by two different bus systems. The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (Sorta), operates Metro, the bus company that serves the Ohio side of the state line.

And The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (Tank) serves Northern Kentucky and all routes between Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Bus lines marked with a "X" are express routes and make less frequent stops.

Prices for each zone are respectively: $1.75, $2.65, and $3. Transferring between one bus route to another on the Metro system requires another 50 cents for a transfer ticket. TANK (Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky) buses charge a flat rate of $1.50 for all adults, 75¢ for seniors, $1; for students. Transfers between Tank buses are free. 

One way ticket: $1.75

Monthly pass: $70.00

Fountain Square: A multi-level open space with a central fountain featuring classical figurines in bronze. The square is surrounded by restaurant and shopping activities. This is also a place to browse exhibitions of local art on display. This is also a common venue for live music.

The Purple People Bridge: Connects downtown Cincinnati with the shopping area of Covington Kentucky. and it is basically a huge shopping mall very much like any other.  It does however have some of it's city's German food and beer along with a handful of other unique establishments.

Roebling suspension bridge: That spans the Ohio River between Covington and Cincinnati was the world's longest suspension bridge when it was opened in 1866, this bridge deserves considerable recognition as a historical structure.

Eden Park: Containing over 186 acres, is one of the loveliest, most peaceful parks in Cincinnati and is located just around the corner from Mt.


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