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Wellington is New Zealand's capital city, and is easily the country's most happening place. It was recently named "the coolest little capital in the world".

Wellington is New Zealand's capital city, and is easily the country's most happening place. It was recently named "the coolest little capital in the world".

Population: 425.000

Wellington is New Zealand's political centre, housing Parliament and the head offices of all Government Ministries and Departments. Stretched around its waterfront and sheltered by houses clinging to lush green hills, Wellington has a unique inner-city focus.

With most of the population either living in town or commuting in from the outer suburbs, a wide range of people work and live together in this bustling and energetic metropolitan hub.

Wellington has the 12th best quality of living in the world, according to a 2007 study by consulting company Mercer. Of cities with English as the primary language, Wellington ranked fourth. Only Auckland of New Zealand cities rated higher as it was ranked fifth in the world in 2006 and 2007.

Wellington has a temperate climate with the greatest amount of sunshine in New Zealand. Summer (Average November - March): Day 22°c / Night 14°c. Winter (Average April - October): Day 12°c / Night 7°c. It is generally very windy all year round with high rainfall, June and July being the wettest months.

Wellington is said to have the best public transportation system in all of New Zealand and one which is considered to be above average by international standards. The system, called Metlink, is comprised of an interlinked network of buses, trolley buses, cable cars, trains and ferries. 

Trains are another method of transportation used throughout Wellington. The major train station, the Wellington Railway Station, serves as a hub for all of the train routes in the area. Trains travel both throughout the city and to local day trip destinations outside of the city.

One-way Ticket (Local Transport):  2.50 NZ$    

Monthly Pass (Regular Price):  80.00 NZ$  

Discover the stories at Te Papa: The national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, is fascinating and fun for curious minds of any age. The exhibits are innovative and interactive, telling stories of New Zealand’s unique geological, biological, cultural and social history in new and exciting ways. 

Enjoy 360-degree views from the top of Mount Victoria: Get a panoramic view of city and harbour, and a great photo opportunity at the Mount Victoria Lookout. You can drive all the way up, or walk through the town belt greenery.

Taste your way around the city: Wellington is said to have more bars and restaurants per capita than New York City, and with rich farmland to the north and ocean's bounty to the south, those restaurants are spectacularly good. 

Travel back in time at the Zealandia sanctuary in Karori: Just a 10-minute drive from downtown Wellington you'll find Zealandia. Hidden in a suburban valley. Take a walk and hear the songs of the flourishing native bird population. 

Cruise down Cuba Street: Home to hipsters, artists and lovers of vintage, Cuba Street is a bohemian haven with some of the city’s most colourful shops, bars and cafes. Street entertainers might play percussive guitar, put on a marionette show, or play with fire. 

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