The JMC Academy’s Melbourne campus is situated in South Melbourne between the south bank of the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay.

The JMC Academy’s Melbourne campus is situated in South Melbourne between the south bank of the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay. South Melbourne originated at the elevated area first known as Emerald Hill, two kilometres south of Melbourne CBD.

The South Melbourne neighbourhood is bounded by the West Gate Freeway to the north; Kingsway to the east, Albert Road, Albert Park reserve, Ferrars Street, Bevan Street and St Vincent St to the south; and Pickles Street and Boundary Street to the west.

South Melbourne is one of the oldest neighbourhoods within the City of Port Phillip. A short stroll from the JMC Academy will lead you to the charming and authentic facades and shop fronts of the Victorian era. Nearby Albert Park and Port Melbourne are also home to numerous record label management companies and to a growing number of television and film production houses.

JMC Academy Melbourne is a 15 minute walk or a short tram ride from the newly refurbished Southern Cross Train Station and Crowne Entertainment Complex.

At JMC Academy, we’re all about your career. We’re about helping you grow your skills, hone your creativity, learn all about your chosen field, and secure that job you’ve always dreamed of.  

However, we also realise that study takes a while, and a lot of commitment. And that you’re creative. And clever. And that you like to think outside of the box. 

So, we’re also committed to providing you with a very unique and stimulating creative environment that you can enjoy while you’re completing your diploma or degree.     

For a start, we base ourselves in fun, inner-city locations. In Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we’re close to great cafes, bars, galleries, museums and entertainment venues, so you can stay up-to-date, and connected to the things you love.  

We also stay current. Our technology and equipment is world-class, and state-of-the-art. We have recording studios, sound studios, post-production suites, film and TV studios, and much, much more. This means that when you do enter the professional workforce, you’re able to hit the ground running.  

Perhaps most importantly, our people are talented, experienced industry professionals. You won’t find any stale, dull lecturers here. Our team is fresh, accomplished, and ready to give you the head start you need. 

Plus, we’re very big on collaboration. It’s how creative industries work. And it’s how we work. We encourage you to join forces with your peers - even from other degrees and diplomas - as much as possible, and to work together to achieve the best results you can.

Regardless of how talented you are, sometimes you need the right support in order to hone your skills, and drive a truly remarkable career.

It’s why we offer a wide range of in-class and one-on-one support sessions, in several key areas, including:

  • Transitioning from high school to college
  • Referencing
  • How to analyse text / visual / audio
  • Editing / how to get better marks
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Exam preparation
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Business plans
  • Presenting
  • Researching
  • Study skills and time management
  • Note taking
  • Computer skills
  • Academic writing

We also provide:

  • Free counselling
  • Library research assistance
  • ESL support

International student Support

JMC Academy understands that moving to a new country and adjusting to a new learning style can be difficult. To support international students in their studies, we provide:

  • Peer mentoring program
  • Foundation course before studies
  • Pre-arrival online orientation
  • On-campus orientation
  • Academic support staff
  • On-campus counsellor
  • On-going support from International Services



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