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Ohio’s capital city is full of beautiful neighborhoods, a critically acclaimed food scene and top-ranked attractions.

Ohio’s capital city is full of beautiful neighborhoods, a critically acclaimed food scene and top-ranked attractions.

Population: 822.553

Columbus is the capital of the American state of Ohio. Columbus is a fusion of many different parts of America. It is the home of Ohio State University. It has created a business and research enviroment that has provided substantial employment opportunities to the diverse ethnic and local graduates of Ohio State University, and other academic institutions in Columbus.

This creative-minded destination offers something for everyone. Families will enjoy COSI, the nationally known science center, as well as the Columbus zoo and its neighboring water park.

Art lovers will savor the collections at the Columbus Museum of Art and revel in Gallery Hop, a monthly celebration in the Short North Art District. Columbus is a city that invites exploration.

The region's climate is transitional between humid continental  and the humid subtropical, characterized by hot, muggy summers and cold, dry winters. Winter snowfall is relatively light, since the city is not in the typical path of strong winter lows.

Although the lakes to the North do contribute to long stretches of cloudy spells in winter.

Columbus has a public transportation system that currently consists of busses. The system is known as, “COTA,” which stands for Central Ohio Transit Authority . The bus system in the city is extensive and busses carry several thousand passengers every week.

Bus schedules and route maps are available on COTA’s website, as well as information related to public transportation services available to anyone with a disability. COTA does offer another service called, “Project Mainstream” to anyone who does not have the ability to ride on the regular busses in the system.

Project Mainstream provides additional transportation services to people who qualify. Anyone needing this special service must apply for it and be approved by COTA.

One-way ticket: $2.00


Stroll Through the Short North: Is the neighborhood to visit when you’re in Columbus. Be sure to hit a few of the art galleries, a few of the stores, and a few of the restaurants and bars. Special mentions go to Betty’s Fine Food and Spirits.

Lunch at the North Market: A short walk south of the Short North you’ll find the North Market. A great spot to shop for food, gifts, and try a variety of ethnic foods for lunch or to go. 

Stroll Through German Village: This historic community on the southern end of downtown Columbus is filled with beautifully restored homes as well as a few well placed shops, stores, restaurants and more. 

Tour the Franklin Park Conservatory: Located on Broad street a few miles east of downtown, the Park Conservatory is a great stop on any afternoon. Botanical exhibits feature a mix of plant-life and modern art.

Visit the Columbus Zoo: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is located approximately 20 miles north of downtown. Many of it’s exhibits have received national acclaim, and current expansion plans will increase the size of the zoo to make it one of the largest in North America.


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