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Milwaukee, known as "A Genuine American City," is rich in history and culture.

Milwaukee, known as "A Genuine American City," is rich in history and culture.

Population: 594.833

Milwaukee attracts visitors year-round thanks to the popularity of local breweries such as MillerCoors and Sprecher , and thanks to Summerfest , a hugely popular annual music festival. Milwaukee also boasts several museums and numerous outdoor activities offered by the beautiful Lake Michigan. A great way to get to know the city is to take a look at a few of its neighborhoods. 

Is the largest city in the State of Wisconsin, the 31st most populous city in theUnited States. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is perhaps best known for its famous breweries and the Major League Brewers, but there's more to the city than beer and baseball. Milwaukee is rich in historical and cultural attractions, making it the perfect place for a time of exploring.

Milwaukee's location in the Great Lakes Region often has rapidly changing weather, producing a humid continental climate, with cold, windy, snowy winters, and very warm, humid summers. The warmest month of the year is July, when the 24-hour average is 22.1 °C, while January is the coldest month, with a 24-hour average of - 5.4 °C.  

Spring is often very wet and sometimes cold. The best time to visit is by far in the summer or the early fall during Indian Summer when the whole place comes to life and everybody is outside.

Milwaukee's bus system, MCTS, has an extensive coverage area (85% of Milwaukee County) and core routes with very frequent service. Outlying suburbs have shorter hours, slower and less-frequent service. Express buses called "Freeway Flyers" provide excellent service from park and ride lots across the county to Downtown.

Express buses called "UBuses" offer service to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. MCTS also serves Mitchell International Airport with both a local bus and a new, more express route. Most routes run from about 5AM until at least midnight. Cash or ticket fare includes a one hour transfer.

One-way Ticket: 2.25 $

Monthly Pass: 64.00 $

Beer: Today, the city is home to only one major brewery, a little company called Miller. Still, there are a few craft breweries in the area that offer higher gravity beers and more personalized tours, and there are certainly more than a few bars where you can wet your whistle. 

Riverwalk: Where as many cities that boast a riverfront developed it after, or in conjunction with, their downtown areas, Milwaukee's famous Riverwalk was actually responsible for the development of much of its downtown. 

Festivals: Milwaukee has made a distinct effort to brand itself as the "City of Festivals," and not without good reason, the most prominent of which is Summerfest. Set along the lakefront and drawing around a million visitors, is the largest music festival in the world. 

Food: Milwaukee has an immigrant heritage that is long and strong, and no where is this evidenced more clearly than in its dining scene. Neighborhoods like those surrounding Old World Third Street boast some of the best and most authentic German and Mediterranean restaurants in the region. Milwaukee Street is a main drag for trendy dining options, and it sports a lively nightlife to boot.


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