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Palmerston North is a youthful and dynamic city, geographically in the centre of New Zealand and well known for its high calibre educational institutions.

Palmerston North is a youthful and dynamic city, geographically in the centre of New Zealand and well known for its high calibre educational institutions.

Population: 83.500

Palmerston North has an estimated population of 83.500. Compared to the demographics of the rest of New Zealand, Palmerston North has a young population (especially high in the 15-29 year old category). This is reflective of the City's educational strengths and the presence of two major New Zealand Defence Force bases in the Region (Linton and Ohakea).

The City boasts a wide range of educational facilities, including Massey University, Universal College of Learning (UCOL) Te WĬĀnanga o Aotearoa, International Pacific College (IPC), English Teaching College (ETC) and a number of other specialised tertiary education institutes. With its great reputation, the City is able to attract both staff and students from throughout the world.


Palmerston North's climate is temperate with maximum daytime temperatures averaging 22 °C (72 °F) in summer and 12 °C (54 °F) in winter. On average temperatures rise above 25 °C (77 °F) on 20 days of the year. Annual rainfall is approximately 960 mm (37.8 in) with rain occurring approximately 5% of the time. There are on average 200 rain-free days each year.

In the ranges that flank the city there is often sustained wind, especially in spring. Much of this land is within the city boundaries and these ranges has the reputation of providing the most consistent wind in the country.


Getting around Palmerston North

Getting around Palmerston North is easy with a compact CBD, a regular bus service and a network of cycle lanes.

Palmerston North's central business district is centred around a large central reserve known as The Square. All CBD precincts are within walking distance of each other.

Public transport

Horizons Regional Council runs bus services in Palmerston North. Bus travel is free for Massey University and UCOL students and staff. For all information about local bus services, visit the Horizons website. Horizons also provides an app for smartphones and tablets called GoHorizons to make it even easier to plan your bus journey.


Palmerston North has an extensive network of cycle lanes, trails, tracks and purpose built parks.

Heritage collections, art galleries and urban street art are prominent in Palmerston North, and go hand in hand with the colourful array of cafes and dinning options that will take your taste buds on a tour of the world.

A year-round calendar of events keeps the city alive and humming, from motorsport mayhem, to urban festivals of creativity and music that bring the streets alive with their colour and sounds. Visit the New Zealand Rugby Museum and go on a journey to discover the story behind the sport that shaped New Zealand. See some of the world’s rarest rugby artefacts, and learn about our rugby greats.

An internationally recognized theatre scene provides entertainment for all genres, while the local music scene thrives with a mixture of mainstream and ‘underground’ venues that cater to wide and varied tastes. 

The city of Palmerston North is bordered by the Tararua and Ruahine mountain ranges, spectacularly divided by the Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge making a unique landscape that offers mountains to sea, city to countryside, all in the same day.


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