Combination courses (Group + Individual lessons) /
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Combination courses are designed to offer students the opportunity to combine group and individual lessons. These are very popular for business people but can also be taken in conjunction with General language courses.

Babel Studies has selected a range of quality English, French, Italian, German and Japanese Combination Programmes.


Benefits of this course:

  • These courses have proven to be very effective for people looking to benefit from the personal attention of a personal tutor on top of the benefits of a multinational group.  
  • Most of the students taking this course improve the language level faster than a general language course as they focus on their personal weaknesses.



At the end of your course you will have: 

  • Gained confidence in practicing the language both orally and written.
  • Gained a better overall understanding of the language. 


Choose this course if: 

  • You have limited time for your studies. 
  • You are a dedicated student or a fast-learner looking to maximise your progress while abroad. 
  • You have specific weaknesses you want to be addressed by a personal tutor. 

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