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With a population of 87,000, Kamloops is seen as the gateway to the interior of British Columbia.

With a population of 87,000, Kamloops is seen as the gateway to the interior of British Columbia. Built on floodplains at the junction of the North and South Thompson Rivers, Kamloops is at the crossroads to the province’s major highways and railways and is home to several trucking firms.

A major airport serves the city’s economic and social well being. Kamloops is the stop-over for a number of bus tours, including Greyhound and Rocky Mountain Rail Tours.


Kamloops has some impressive rankings. Last year the city was chosen as the number one community in British Columbia for competitiveness in business, according to KPMG, one of the world’s largest auditing firms, impressive in that Kamloops competitors were Vancouver and Victoria.

Also in 2011, Kamloops won B.C.’s Most Small Business Friendly Award, strengthening its image as an excellent community for business investment. 

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Kamloops is British Columbia’s second-sunniest city with over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, making it an ideal getaway destination in any of the four seasons. Kamloops has a vast, rugged landscape which offers visitors the chance to let loose and just play, taking part in many energizing recreational opportunities.

The city is located in the dramatic setting of mountains, river valleys, deserts and grasslands. Nowhere else in BC can you search for fossils, enjoy 100+ lakes, experience the grasslands and explore sage-covered hills under wide open skies, all in a single day.


Is mild and offers a gorgeous palette of Fall colours ideal for enjoying while out in the backcountry on horseback or hiking the many trails.


Is typically mild in the city centre, but the mountains are covered with dry powder snow, perfect for all the favourite outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and tubing.


Comes early and allows for the golf courses to start opening near the end of March.


Weather is sunny and warm, which is great for taking the family out for an adventure trying a new water sport like kayaking, jet skiing or canoeing.

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Kamloops is a well laid-out city  making it easy to get around. 

Taxi & Shuttle Service

Kamloops has two major taxi companies to quickly get you to your destination with no fuss. Wheelchair-accessible and group taxis are available. 

Public Transportation

VIA Rail provides passenger service and Greyhound Canada schedules multiple daily bus connections between Vancouver, Prince George, Thompson Okanagan communities, and Calgary, Alberta. The Kamloops Transit System provides extensive bus service (completely wheelchair and bicycle accessible) throughout Kamloops. Check for regular and HandyDART schedules at Kamloops Transit.

Source: https://goo.gl/neizPd

Kamloops is strategically located in the "Heart of the West" and makes a perfect holiday destination whatever your holiday activity, whether it be a day, a week or a month, Kamloops is where you want to be.

Kamloops has some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Kamloops has hosted the World Fly Fishing Championships. Golf is popular around here too, with several courses in and around the city.

We receive over 320 hours of sunshine during the month of July! While you are here, you will want to visit the Kamloops Wildlife Park which features a representative collection of North American animals and birds.

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