Academic Language programmes (More than 6 months) /
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Babel Studies has selected a range of quality Academic English, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Russian Language Programmes.

Academic language programmes are the perfect solution for students who are planning to study abroad for 6 months or more.


Benefits of this program:

  • Students will attend a combination of general language and examination preparation courses for the same price.
  • These courses give students enough time to improve their level of language inside as well as outside the classroom.
  • It offer a cost-effective way of studying: the weekly price of an Academic Year or Semester course is usually much lower than an equivalent short-term course.
  • These are the ideal choice for students who are looking to work during their studies. 
  • Some schools offer students the opportunity to do a multi-destination programme. 
  • Academic language courses cover all aspects of the language such as writing, reading, listening and speaking skills and prepare students to internationally recognised qualification once they have reached the required level. 

At the end of your course you will have: 

  • Gained confidence in practicing the language both orally and written.
  • Gained a better overall understanding of the language. 
  • Acquired the necessary skills to perform at the exam. 
  • Acquired a large understanding of the culture of the country where you have lived. 


Choose this course if: 

  • You are planning to spend 6 months or more abroad. 
  • You have a low level of language i.e. beginner / elementary. 
  • You want to combine studies with tourism or work. 
  • You want to experience the culture of the country as well as learning the language. 

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