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Los Angeles beckons to tourists who long for a brush with Tinseltown glamor.

Los Angeles beckons to tourists who long for a brush with Tinseltown glamor. Tour movie studios, slip your hands into the famous prints at the TCL Chinese Theatre, or indulge in a celeb sighting at one of LA’s white-hot nightspots. 

Population: 3.884.307

The city of Los Angeles is the most populous city in California. The city is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, valleys, forests, beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, and nearby desert. The metropolitan area is the second-most populous in the United States.

Los Angeles is an important center of culture, medicine, agriculture, business, finance, energy, aerospace, science, food processing, media, international trade, and tourism. 

The county is home to many famous attractions in a relatively concentrated space. Your choices include amusement parks, architectural landmarks, art museums and galleries, beaches, parks, hiking and shopping, to name a few.

After the sun goes down, you’ll find there’s an abundance of nightlife options, including movies, as well as live music and comedy provided by performers both legendary and yet-to-be-discovered. A region of great diversity, you'll also discover a world of culinary adventures.

The city has a sub-arid type climate. The sunniest and driest part of the year is from May to October. It rarely rains during these months and humidity is generally mild.

The warmest month is August, the temperature typically ranges from 26 to 32 °C during the day and around 18 °C at night. Winter is from December to April, is when most rain will fall. In the coldest month, January, the temperature typically ranges from 15 to 23 °C during the day and 7 to 13 °C at night. 

There are over 200 metro bus lines and 6 metro rail lines in the Los Angeles area that are run by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). You can get to almost anywhere in the developed parts of Los Angeles County on Metro and/or on other local transit services. Some transfers are quick and easy.

Many neighborhoods and sightseeing destinations can be reached using Metro Rail, including downtown, Koreatown, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Chinatown, Pasadena, and Long Beach.

Los Angeles County bus system, operated by Metro, covers virtually all of central and southern Los Angeles County, including much of the City of Los Angeles. Metro buses come in three basic kinds: Local (orange), Rapid (red) & Express (blue).

Express buses have the fewest stops and use the freeways to get closer to the end of the route. Rapid buses usually go on local streets with fewer stops than Local buses. The orange local buses which stop frequently to pick up and drop off people. 

One-way Ticket: 1.75 $

Monthly Pass: 60.00 $

Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre: The Hollywood Walk of Fame extends for more than 2 mi/3 km along Hollywood Boulevard. Insets honoring Hollywood stars and other entertainment industry professionals fill the square in front of the Chinese Theater One of Hollywood's most iconic and memorable sites.

Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park: The Griffith Observatory sits on the south face of Mount Hollywood and overlooks the Los Angeles basin. Its location gives visitors impressive views of L.A.'s wild, sprawling civilization pushing right up to the Pacific Ocean. 

Universal Studios, hollywood: One of the most popular attractions in the Los Angeles area, it features rides and amusements based on some of the most popular scenes and characters from film and television.

Rodeo Drive: Is an upscale shopping street in Beverly Hills that features designer label stores and small private boutiques. The area is popular with wealthy shoppers, sunglass-wearing celebrities, and tourists hoping to see fashion icons. 

The downtown disney: Is an attraction in itself. The Downtown Disney District features open-air cafes, lively entertainment, nightclubs and a movie theater.

  • Warner Bros Studio Tour, Los Angeles.
  • Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles.

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