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Boarding School programmes provide a once in a lifetime experience to young learners, by immersing themselves into a private local school, co-educational or boys/girls only. Pupils usually wear a uniform and sleep on site with other local and/or international boarders. They share bedrooms and bathrooms in most cases.

The benefits of this programmes are numerous and not only linguistic. These schools provide a very traditional education based on academic excellence, team spirit, moral values, respect of others, other cultures and elders, community living and personal development through non-academic subjects such as sports, music, drama, art... 

Some of these schools welcome international students of any level of language.  Students who arrive with a good level of English can join the mainstream with local students. Others will start with intensive language study and will join the mainstream as soon as their level will be considered as adequate. It is possible for students to prepare for local examinations leading to university entrance (A/levels or International baccalaureate).  Students will study a variety of subjects including Mathematics, History, Geography, Sports etc. 

Students are taught by qualified and experienced teachers, used to work with children. 

Boarding schools can welcome pupils from age 3 to 18. They are available all year and intakes can be flexible. 

Babel Studies has selected a range of quality English Boarding Schools around the world. 



  • At the end of your course your child will have: 
  • Gained confidence in practicing the language both orally and verbally. 
  • Gained a better overall understanding of the language. 
  • Experienced community living in a foreign environment which will have developed its critical thinking, adaptability and self-confidence. 
  • Acquired the necessary skills to perform at national and international examinations, both linguistic and academic. 


Choose this course if: 

  • Your child is able to follow rules and adapt to a new environment where community living primes. 
  • You want your child to receive top of the range education and join prestigious universities. 
  • You want high supervision to be guaranteed at all times. 
  • You want to give your child the opportunity to be immersed into a foreign private education and to liaise with local pupils, native speakers. 

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