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Byron Bay is world-renowned for its stunning beaches, relaxed lifestyle and sub-tropical climate.

Byron Bay is world-renowned for its stunning beaches, relaxed lifestyle and sub-tropical climate. It serves as a centre of excellence for students around the world to study at a campus that not only offers amazing facilities, but is situated in an idyllic paradise.

Population: 9.000

The area boasts home to some of Australia?s best surf breaks as well as many protected reefs perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

The coastal town is a Mecca for musicians, film makers and artists alike, hosting internationally famous festivals such as The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Splendour in the Grass and the Byron Bay Film Festival.


Byron Bay enjoys warm summers and mild winters, with average summer temperatures of 21C - 28C, and average winter temperatures of 15C - 21C, both locals and visitors are able to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities including many festivals throughout the year.


There are a wide variety of transportation options in and around Byron Bay, including car rentals, airport transfers and limousines.

Byron Bay is serviced by buses, roads, and three nearby airports. But it does not have a local public transport as its population is very small.

There are plenty of activities for visitors and students to do in and around Byron Bay such as: Nature walks, surf schools, sea kayaking, (sky & scuba) diving, yoga, day trips, festivals, and lots more.
Here are some things you can do and places you can visit:
  • In just 3 hours' it's so much fun and even better, no art experience is required.
  • Green Cauldron tour: Is the best way to explore the mysterious melting pot of Australia's Green Cauldron. This place is considered a heavenly part of Australia, with a rich and fascinating ancient history and a captivating bohemian culture.
  • Eco cruises & Byron Lighthouse tours: Enjoy these fun activities along the Brunswick River, ideal for everyone in a relaxing and beautiful environment.
  • Mountain bike tours: Get to places others cannot in a secure environment and enjoy some exercise in the process.
  • Byron Bay Art Studio: Become an artist Byron Bay
  • The Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens: See the beauty of crystal from gigantic formations to exquisite jewellery. Visit stunning gardens and rainforest. Discover the jewel of Byron Bay.


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