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Located on the southeast coast of England and bound by the South Downs National Park to the north, this city has an extraordinary mix of natural and manmade assets.

Located on the southeast coast of England and bound by the South Downs National Park to the north, this city has an extraordinary mix of natural and manmade assets.

This city is renowned for its vibrancy, culture of tolerance, its independent shops and businesses, historic lanes, array of pubs, clubs and restaurants, its varied festivals and events, stunning architecture and 13 kilometres of coastline.

Population: 275.800 

The modern city of Brighton and Hove attracts students and staff from over 150 countries, is also an educational centre with two universities, a medical school and many English language schools. A major attraction is the seafront, which has a variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and amusement arcades, principally along the strip between the two piers.

Brighton & Hove has grown to be a fashionable destination and home to more than a quarter of a million people. 

Situated on the south coast of England, the weather in Brighton and Hove is generally slightly warmer than the rest of the United Kingdom. East Sussex tends to have early springs, with very warm temperatures in the summer, combined with particularly mild winters. This is apparent by the many tropical plants that thrive in the city's lush parks.

During the summer months of May, June, July, August and September, the Brighton and Hove area has many sunny days and the climate is generally fairly hot. During the summer, the average high temperatures hover around the upper 15°C to low 20°C.

The winter months from November until March are the coldest in Brighton, but don’t necessarily equate to frigid temperatures.  Due to the fact that Brighton is a seaside city, average low temperatures during these months will fall to the low -1°C. 

Brighton is very well served by an extensive bus network.  Nearly all local buses are operated by the Brighton and Hove Bus Company, and are recognisable by their red/cream colour scheme. 

Although there are many different fares available, with numerous weekly/monthly travel pass options, the two basic fares are £2.15 for a single journey on all daytime and evening Brighton and Hove buses within a good few miles of the city centre or £3.70 for unlimited travel all day (again, anywhere on all daytime and evening Brighton and Hove buses).  Some bus services run a fairly frequent service throughout the night with an increased fare of £2.20 per single. 

Monthly Pass (Regular Price)    62.50 £    

Source: tripadvisor

Some places you can visit in brighton

Royal Pavilion Brighton: The Royal Pavilion in Brighton has sparked both controversy and admiration – it is a building that epitomises the excesses of the aristocracy in the Regency period in Britain. 

Brighton Pier: Brighton Pier is a hub of colour and fun! There is a variety of stalls that are sure to attract you, funfair rides that will thrill you, and refreshments to satisfy your appetite.

Horatio’s Bar: Has a lively atmosphere and excellent views of the sea and coastline. There is free entertainment every Saturday night, and karaoke rocks away in The Glitterball Bar at the weekend.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery: The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is set in the heart of the buzzing ‘cultural quarter’, and is free to the public. There is an exciting range of exhibitions, displayed in unique and interesting surroundings.

Brighton Sea Life Centre: The Brighton Sea Life Centre offers over 150 species and 57 displays for a fun and educational day out. 


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