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Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage site, largely owing to its combination of historical attractions including its 12th century castle...

Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage site, largely owing to its combination of historical attractions including its 12th century castle, medieval Old Town and 18th century Georgian-style New Town.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, is its second largest city after Glasgow which is situated 45 miles (72 km) to the west, is one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas and is the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom. 

Edinburgh is well-known for the annual Edinburgh Festival, a collection of official and independent festivals held annually over about four weeks from early August. The number of visitors attracted to Edinburgh for the Festival is roughly equal to the settled population of the city. 

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Like much of the rest of Scotland, Edinburgh has a temperate maritime climate, which is relatively mild despite its northerly latitude. 

Winters are especially mild, considering that Moscow, Labrador and Newfoundland lie on the same latitude, with daytime temperatures rarely falling below freezing. Summer temperatures are normally moderate, with daily upper maxima rarely exceeding 18 °C.

Public transport in Edinburgh is generally extensive and efficient.

Bus services

Bus transportation is the principal means of public transport in Edinburgh, with an extensive bus network, covering all parts of the city, its suburbs and the surrounding city-region. Edinburgh is widely regarded as having one of the most extensive bus services in the country. Most buses run at intervals of between 10 and 30 minutes during the day and a reduced service after 7pm. 


The Edinburgh Trams is a new tram line which opened on 31st May 2014, connecting the airport on the western edge of the city, with Haymarket, Princes Street, St Andrew Square and York Place in the city centre. A further extension to the redeveloped waterfront areas of Leith, Granton and Western Harbour has been postponed due to costs.

One-way Ticket (Local Transport)   1.50 £    

Monthly Pass (Regular Price)    51.00 £

Here are some things you can do and places you can visit:

Edinburgh Castle: Wherever you are in the city, this great medieval fortress perched on ancient volcanic rock is visible for miles. 

The Dynamic Earth: Step back billions of years at this huge interactive museum, where the time machine takes you back to before dinosaurs walked the earth. 

Royal Yacht Britannia: Now nestling on the waterfront at Leith is the one-time floating palace for the Queen and the Royal Family, used for state visits and holidays between 1935 and 1978. 

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre: Learn all about the making of whisky, the difference between the various types such as single malt, etc, the people who made whisky the worldwide success it is today.

National Museum of Scotland: See treasures from the edges of history and trace Scotland's story from fascinating fossils to popular culture

Royal Botanic Gardens: Founded in 1670, is the 2nd oldest botanic garden in the UK. It's both a scientific institution and a tourist attraction

National Library of Scotland: Is the legal deposit library for Scotland and is home to about 7 million books, 13 million printed items and over 1.6 million maps!

Source: http://www.edinburghcityhotel.com/top-edinburgh-attractions

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