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Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University's Melbourne branch campus is located in the heart of the central business district.

Southern Cross University's Melbourne branch campus is located in the heart of the central business district. The campus currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, administration, accounting and information technology.

SCU Melbourne offers highly qualified lecturers with a work integrated learning focus. The state of the art classroom facilities include a student lounge conveniently located next to a cosmopolitan food court.

A dedicated student welfare support team, comprising of our own psychologists, provides a supportive environment particularly for new students, whilst our new 'Student Social Club' gives students the opportunity to connect with each other and get to know Melbourne and its surrounds through regular activities.

The branch campus is conveniently located at Little Collins Street and easily accessible via Melbourne's free tram system. The location is perfect; just a short walk away from some of Australia's notable fashion boutiques while in the immediate vicinity are weekday cares catering to a diverse market.

SCU offers a wide range of sporting, recreational andcultural activities, with something for everyone.

Campus sport

A fun, social sporting opportunity for the entire University community.

Elite student athletes

We support elite athletes so that they can balance their dual careers of training and competing at an elite level whilst undertaking their study.

Fitness centres

Our sport and fitness centres provide arrange of sporting facilities across the three campuses including 2 gyms, an aquatic centre, 2 indoor sports courts, and 2 sports field and 4 tennis courts.

SCU clubs and societies

There are a variety of clubs and societies on offer at SCU. You can join a club or society and get involved with campus life - learning new skills on the way and meeting other students for around the University!

UniLife Awards

The UniLife Awards are annual university-wide student awards which recognise outstanding achievement and contribution by SCU students in the areas of sporting and student life. These annual awards are endorsed by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Lee.

National Cultural Tertiary Competitions

SCU is a member of the Australian Association of Campus Activities Inc. AACA coordinates four national tertiary cultural programs for its members, including the National Campus Band Comp, National Campus DJ Comp andNational Campus Art Prize.


Orientation is a three day program prior to classes starting; it also includes Get Connected Week (Week 2 of Session 1 and 2). Orientation introduces first year students to the University and helps with the transition into university life. It also re-engages continuing students back into their studies. Note: In Session 3, it is a 1-3 day program prior to classes starting.

Academic Skills run free workshops all year round to help you reach your full potential (online sessions are available for distance education students) and the Assignment Navigator is a really useful tool to help you plan your work.

Their Quick Guides are an easy-to-use resource that are designed to be downloaded so that you can refer to them quickly and easily while you are either working on an assignment.

The Library website and Library toolbox provides links to myReadings, research databases and online tutorials that help you to use these effectively.

Online Learning Tools and Build Your Skills have some great resources for all students including the Academic Language Self-Assessment tool.




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