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It is best known as a counter cultural hub, with a bohemian feel and youthful vibe, and fun weekend tourist attractions.

It is best known as a counter cultural hub, with a bohemian feel and youthful vibe, and fun weekend tourist attractions.

Population: 62.864

Santa Cruz  is a small coastal city  in Santa Cruz County, at the north end of Monterey Bay in California, about forty miles south of San Jose and 75 miles south of San Francisco. It is best known as a counter cultural hub, with a bohemian feel and youthful vibe, and fun weekend tourist attractions like the Beach Amusement Park and Boardwalk and the Mystery Spot.

The beaches of Santa Cruz are considered some of the most pristine areas of natural beauty in the Western Hemisphere. A variety of conditions prevail, depending on the beach, as some are more suited for swimming, while others are a surfers' paradise.

The beautiful beaches and the year-round summer-like climate play a central role in local culture. Most visitors leave Santa Cruz amazed by the city's beauty and ambiance.

The University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) is regarded as one of the premier centres of higher learning in the state and is especially known for its strong emphasis on the arts and humanities.

With great year-round weather, there's no "best" time to visit Santa Cruz. With a calendar bursting with fun annual events and festivals, plus a climate that's great for enjoying the outdoors all year.

Santa Cruz has mild weather throughout the year, enjoying a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, mostly dry summers. On average, there are 262 sunny days per year in Santa Cruz, CA. The July high is around 25C. The January low is 4C.

The public transport is an option for Santa Cruz visitors who prefer to travel with knowledgeable local drivers.

Santa Cruz Beach-Downtown Trolley: The trolley is the best way to get back and forth between the beach and downtown and avoid parking and traffic. The Santa Cruz Trolley is convenient, and an enjoyable way to experience what Santa Cruz has to offer for all ages.

Bus: The bus system operated by the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District ( ) is inexpensive; fares are only $1.50 per adult, All-day ride passes are available for $4.50. Routes generally fan out from the Metro Center on lower Pacific Avenue to points around Santa Cruz itself and to nearby destinations such as Davenport, Boulder Creek, and Capitola.

One-way Ticket (Local Transport): 1.50 $    

Monthly Pass (Regular Price): 65.00 $    

Santa Cruz Wharf: Has about 10 restaurants, numerous shops offering gifts and touristy stuff, and various educational stops. This area also has an abundance of sea lions and sea otters.

Boardwalk, Santa Cruz: Is a wonderful and funky amusement park located right on the beach in Santa Cruz. This has a real old fashioned feel with roller coasters, haunted houses, all the greasy grub you can handle, The best part is that you can stroll right from the park to the wonderful beach. Their is also live concerts all summer.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park: Consists of 1,800 acres of towering redwoods, steep canyons, and chaparral-covered ridges. It features 15 or 20 miles of trails and limited access roads, for use by horses, bikes, and hikers. The park also offers camping, a visitors center and store, seasonal fishing, and day-use picnic areas. 

Downtown, Santa Cruz: Downtown Santa Cruz has several movie theaters. More highly regarded by locals are two other movie theaters downtown: the Nick and the Del Mar. 

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