3 tips for how international students can speak with locals

Do you have plenty of friend from all over the world but not locally with Australians? Here are 3 tips for how international students can speak with locals.

Survivor English tip#1: Keep your routine

Many people completely change their lifestyle when they go overseas. In their home country they went to the gym, played in a sports team, went out to watch live music or other activities. Then they arrive in the new country and stop everything.

But it’s really important to keep pursuing your personal interests when you are overseas; they are your key to meeting local people. Also, sharing your passion and talent in these areas will help you establish friendships more quickly.

Survivor English tip#2: Free speaking

You won’t find many Australians to speak to in a language school, but there are Australians out there who want to talk to you. Many Australians plan to go overseas to Europe, Asia or South America, but need a cheap way of improve their skills in a second language. Set up a language exchange and you can both practise for free, half the time in English, and half the time in your own language. You might just make a friend or two along the way. And remember, here in Australia, it is your skill in your first language that is in short supply!

Survivor English tip#3: Get online

Nowadays there are literally thousands of social groups online, all linked by a shared area of interest. Join an online community and you’ll find it’s a great way to overcome cultural and language barriers and connect directly with people who are into your kind of thing. ‘Meetup.com’ is a popular example, where groups of people make contact online and then meet up in person to socialise. And if you’re afraid to go it alone, get a friend to join you for the first meeting too.

Challenge yourself and practise the above tips!!

Babel Studies 2016-09-26 10:30:52