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Eastbourne is a typical south coast town with a big Pier, situated at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex.

Eastbourne is a typical south coast town with a big Pier, situated at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex.

Population: 98.630

It is often said to have the sunniest weather in Britain. The coastal area west city is incredible and offers great views and walks, perfect for a relaxing weekend break. The exciting events held there also make it one of the country’s favourite holiday destinations.

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The winter months from November until March are obviously the coldest, but don’t necessarily equate to frigid temperatures. Due to the fact that Eastbourne is a seaside city, average low temperatures during these months will only fall to the low -1°C.

These temperatures are considered cold by some, but are by no means unbearable. The winter months are also the rainiest. The warmest time of the year is during the summer months from June until September. During the summer, the average high temperatures hover around the upper 15°C to low 20°C.

Eastbourne is connected by road to London , and to Brighton and Hove and Hastings . The car is the most used form of transport in the town, with only 6% of journeys taken by bus; the local council transport plan aims to reduce the amount of car usage.  Bus services within Eastbourne have been provided by Stagecoach Group under the name Stagecoach in Eastbourne since November 2008.

One-way Ticket (Local Transport):  3.80 £

Monthly Pass (Regular Price):  26.00 £

Princes Park: Picturesque Park situated on the eastern end of the seafront. Variety of leisure facilities available. Rose garden and picnic area, plus refreshments.

Seaford: Seaford is a quiet seaside resort located at the foot of the South Downs. Main attractions include the beach and a shopping centre.

Eastbourne Pier: Eastbourne pier has a variety of shops, There's the chippy, Arcade, The Waterfront Inn, Atlantic Nightclub.

Dotto Land Trains: The Dotto road train runs along the seafront at Eastbourne. An attraction itself, it's a great way to get around key attractions.

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