Creative Ways to Ride the Tube in London

If any of you are planning on taking a trip to London whilst you're staying with us in Bournemouth or if you have been to London before you may well have already experienced the London Underground.

It's often a hot sweaty and boring place but here are two people making life a bit more exciting for themselves.

This charitable group thought that the Northern Line tube might be a bit quiet last week - so decided to bring a bit of excitement to the passenger's lives by hosting a nightclub at the end of the train. They invite some passengers in and tell others that their names "aren't on the guest-list" so they have to wait outside.

The second video is a but more athletically impressive. James Heptenstall had decided he wanted to get a bit more exercise when travelling around London, and so decided to race the underground train he was on to its next station.

In this video you see him leave the train at Mansion House before running through the underground station and accross the streets of London in a race to get to Cannon Street tube station before the train he was on gets there. His friend who waits on the tube with his for his return with a video camera with a crowd of passengers ready to give him their applause if he makes it.


Babel Studies 2016-09-30 14:32:52