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Vancouver is a dazzling, modern city, nestled between lush mountains and forests and the Pacific Ocean – a truly stunning destination for anyone who wants to learn English in Canada.

Vancouver is a dazzling, modern city, nestled between lush mountains and forests and the Pacific Ocean? a truly stunning destination for anyone who wants to learn English in Canada.

Our language school is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, within walking distance of all the major attractions and transport services. Facilities including a computer lab with internet access, a library of self-study materials and a student lounge contribute to making LSI Vancouver a comfortable and welcoming environment in which to study English. We offer TOEFL and Cambridge Examination (CAE) preparation courses, as well as more general ESL programmes.

We run an exciting and varied Social programme with something for everyone. From visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery or the UBC Museum of Anthropology to taking in a sports game featuring the NHL Canucks or CFL Lions, you will get to take advantage of everything that Vancouver has to offer. And if you want to venture further afield, we organise weekend trips to the Whistler ski resort and the capital city Victoria every month.

Outings to pubs, restaurants and parks allow you to develop your English skills outside of the classroom while you have fun with teachers and friends. Summer activities include cycling, river rafting and hiking; winter activities include skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating.

  • International potluck dinner: Bring a dish from your home country, and have fun trying different foods from all around the world while you practise your English with other students.
  • Summer barbecue & sports day: Enjoy the sunshine with fellow students at English Bay throughout the summer months. Eat barbecued hamburgers and play games such as volleyball, soccer and softball.

We're passionate about language learning. That's why we're constantly reviewing the latest trends and methodology in the field. Academic staff from every LSI school participate in the research and development of our programmes. We ensure that the latest theories of language learning are considered and evaluated throughout our centres.

Language Immersion: At LSI we believe that the best way to learn a language is to study in the country where the language is spoken. We want you to immerse yourself in the culture and truly ?live the language'. This is the most efficient and satisfying way to learn the language, and remains at the core of LSI's language learning system.

Latest Materials: We're constantly reviewing the latest materials available for language learning. We provide you with what our academic team have identified as being the very best course books currently available for your level. We are also committed to providing the latest technology inside the classroom. We utilise the most cutting edge audio, video and web based resources.

Quality Teachers: We understand that our students' single most identifiable measure of programme quality is the teacher. That's why at LSI we only work with the very best teachers; experienced, highly motivated and qualified with country specific teaching credentials.

E-LSI (E-Learning from LSI): Our custom built on line learning system works alongside our classes to help you maximise your time with us. Through your unique log in, you can access your test scores, prepare for and record your 1-2-1 tutorials with your teacher and access a wealth of further learning resources to supplement and extend your in class learning.

Your test results can also be analyzed to provide unique learning objectives for you, giving you the chance to study exactly what you need in order to progress. E-LSI also provides a forum for discussion with classmates and teachers, where you can post your work, collaborate and enhance your learning experience.




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