Arbutus Colllege

Arbutus College is a leading private Business School located in Vancouver, Canada.

Arbutus College is a leading private Business School located in Vancouver, Canada. We offer programs in Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Communication Arts and Translation & Interpreting (Japanese/English, Korean/English, Chinese/English). 

Located in downtown Vancouver, Arbutus students have easy access to public transport and the huge range of activities and attractions in the area. The campus has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with classrooms and study lounges spread over two floors.

We are a unique college where communication skills are integrated with academic and professional business training.  In today’s market place communication skills, including speaking and writing, have become essential. With the right knowledge and relevant experience our graduates have been able to find work or enter university in the shortest time possible. 

Diverse Cultures

Students from over 20 different countries study at Arbutus College. This creates a student body that offers the student a convenient way to create friendships from all over the world - which may lead to important career contacts for the future.

Great memories, Good fun

The campus is designed with the students’ learning and social experience in mind. The lounge is a place where students can study, eat, meet friends, use computers, or play games such as ping-pong or foosball.

Central location

The downtown Vancouver neighborhood is full of trendy stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The College is less than a 2 minute walk from a main bus, train, sky-train, and sea-bus station.

At Arbutus College, we care about the needs of our students and provide the essential support and a comfortable environment for students to prosper. 

Student administration

Monitor our students’ progress and work with them to achieve their full potential.

Work-ready preparation 

Train students on how to write a resume, search for a job, and prepare for interviews.

Student experience 

Guide students to make the most of their overseas experience; living in Vancouver, finding accommodation, other relevant services, and local entertainment.




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