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Located along the Northern Coast of California, San Francisco is a stunning city with unique landscape, and cultural flair.

Located along the Northern Coast of California, San Francisco is a stunning city with unique landscape, and cultural flair. With its steep rolling hills, and quaint street cars, its stunning parks, and seaside neighbourhoods, San Francisco has a relaxed west coast feel that reflects the natural landscape of the area, and the inclusive, liberal attitudes of the residents. 

The city boasts the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, and with over 30% of the population born outside of the United States, San Francisco has a diverse multicultural mix. At the same time, the city?s financial and high-tech industries are at the cutting edge, ensuring a high standard of living.

From March to May, San Francisco is often dryer, and warmer than the rest of the country. Spring brings mild weather, and everything comes into bloom. Spring is a great time to enjoy a picnic in Golden Gate Park with friends, or to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. Students can also catch a movie at the San Francisco International Film Festival, or take a boat over to the former fishing village of Sausalito. 

In summer, San Francisco?s famous fog rolls in, making the mornings a little cool, but by midday the fog burns off, opening up clear blue sunny skies. Summer in eclectic San Francisco is abuzz with culture, and students can take in a myriad of music, crafts, and art at the many street festivals that take place throughout the city, and the best part is that most of them are free!

There is no better place to be in the fall than San Francisco. At this time of year, the leaves start to turn a rainbow of colours, but unlike the rest of the country, where the cool weather is starting to set in, San Francisco?s falls are usually balmy and bright. In Autumn, you can still enjoy many outdoor festivals and activities. 

San Francisco is famous for its year round mild weather, and in general, you can enjoy most activities year round. However winter does offer a few extra goodies. Students can escape up to famous Lake Tahoe to enjoy snow sports like tobogganing, snowboarding, or skiing. For basketball fans, this is definitely a good season to check out the Golden State Warriors on the court.

We believe that you will be motivated to learn when learning things that personally interest you. The structure of a set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your own interests gives your language-learning the freedom to flourish.

Qualified, Experienced Teachers: Teachers at ILSC must have a university degree, a recognized Teaching Certificate and relevant teaching experience. All of our instructors are native-English or French speakers, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire. Many teachers have years of experience teaching with ILSC's student-centred methodology.

Supportive Staff & Cultural Counsellors: ILSC staff will welcome and support you, both inside and outside the classroom, from day one until you finish your studies. Our friendly Cultural Counsellors are here to help you with whatever personal or academic challenges you face, and will set you up for success!

Learning Outside The Classroom: An ILSC education is designed to maximize your language improvement and the ILSC Activities Program complements this perfectly. Our activities are available throughout the week and weekend, so there is never a dull moment, in or out of the classroom!

ILSC Corporate Social Responsibility: At ILSC, having a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy is an important part of who we are, in fact it is the very core of our collective being. ILSC was founded and developed on the principles of Humanism. CSR in its full breadth and depth is, at its core, the embodiment of Humanism as practiced by the business community.

As facilitators of a global classroom, we strive to be unbiased, compassionate role models. As learners ourselves, we are constantly thinking about and adopting new strategies for building a better future.

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