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BWS Germanlingua

It was in 1984 when we started teaching German as a foreign language.

It was in 1984 when we started teaching German as a foreign language. Since then thousands of students from all over the world joined our classes and many of them returned a second and sometimes a third time.


Our school are in the very centre of the most attractive German cities: Munich. Thanks to our highly qualified teachers, the welcoming atmosphere and the modern teaching facilities we have earned a very good international reputation. In our classrooms, students from all over the world meet to learn German. 

A weekly new program of 3 activities is offered on the notice boards every Monday. The guided activities are optional. The office team can be contacted for advice or information. A notice board also provides information on what to do and where to go and of course on upcoming events in Berlin or Munich. 

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to support the students’ learning process. Projectors, tablets and personal computers in every classroom enhance the possibility for our lessons to be taught in an interactive and varied way.


All books and teaching materials are provided except dictionaries. Students receive books, a copybook and a pen, a verb wheel as well as all relevant photocopies. 


There is a computer room with free internet access and also WLAN/Wi-Fi internet access in the entire school. Other learning materials (manuals, books, novels and DVDs) can be borrowed. A TV and CD-players are available as well.


The basis of our courses is the modern usage of the German language. We focus on developing the understanding of both, the spoken and the written language as well as the ability to express oneself.


The teaching follows a clear syllabus and is geared towards training grammar and sentence structures and expanding vocabulary. The variety of teaching methods guarantees optimum learning success. 


In individual, partner or group work, you will improve your reading and listening comprehension as well as written and oral expression. We believe that the most important aspect of learning a new language is oral communication and having fun.


You can put this into practice not only in role playing, language learning games and discussions, but also during our arranged leisure activities.




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