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Kings Oxford St. Michaels is in the city centre and it is where most of the English language courses are taught.

Kings Oxford St. Michaels is in the city centre and it is where most of the English language courses are taught. We also have an annexe building with five extra classrooms in Alfred Sreet, also located in the heart of the city.

Oxford is one of England most famous, historic and attractive cities. Its world-renowned university puts students at the centre of Oxford life, which makes it a fantastic place to live and learn as an international student.

Eating out
There are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs in Oxford. You can eat out cheaply or can go for a more expensive meal if you feel like it! Food from Asia, China, India, Italy, France, England and many more countries is all widely available. There are also lots of supermarkets which specialise in food from all over the world, so you can stick to what you know or try something new. It's up to you.

Local fitness centre and swimming Pool: There is a great fitness centre and swimming pool located just around the corner from St. Josephs campus, and within easy reach of St. Michaels too.

Temple Cowley Pool and Fitness Centre: Also within easy reach of St. Joesphs campus is the upmarket David Lloyd leisure centre, offering a huge range of facilities including a gym, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

Oxford University Sport also has a host of great sports facilities for public use, which are accessible from both campuses. It is at this athlectics track where Roger Bannister set his record for the 4-minute mile! Full details of all public swimming pools and other sports facilities in the Oxford area can be found at the Oxford City Council website.

Sports clubs
Oxford has a huge number of sports clubs that you can join, and it can be a great way to make friends and practise your English. We will give you individual guidance on facilities and clubs which can cater for sports you might be interested in,whether it's gym/fitness, martial arts, rowing, team sports or a range of other things.

Culture and entertainment
There is so much to do in and around Oxford.

At Kings we value our students above all else. We recognise the immense contribution they make, collectively and individually, towards ensuring our learning communities are rich, dynamic and purposeful.

With decades of experience in the unique needs of international students, we are dedicated to educating and mentoring them in ways which recognise their individual ambitions, and which will make a real difference to their available range of skills, experiences and future opportunities.

We aim to define a ’student-centred' approach at every level.

It starts with the manner in which we attract, counsel and support our prospective students; it’s also defined by the way in which we educate, mentor and support them during their time with us; and it continues through the personal relationships we often maintain with our students long after they have left us to continue their success elsewhere.

In practical terms, this requires that we focus on every element of the student experience - including pre-arrival information, academic progress, English language development, cultural adjustment, personal welfare and support, university guidance, extracurricular opportunities and accommodation provision.

In short, we are committed to ensuring that the total student experience is a happy, fulfilling and enriching one.

That way it will also be a successful one.




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