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“Do you speak English?” A few days at Language School London Eltham, and we guarantee you’ll be answering this question with an enthusiastic, “Yes, I do!” ...

'Do you speak English'? A few days at Language School London Eltham, and we guarantee you'll be answering this question with an enthusiastic, 'Yes, I do!'  Our newly renovated, language school has a range of modern facilities which makes it an ideal place for learning English in a fun and effective way.

On of the most impressive aspects of the school is the location, which is in the beautiful grounds of Eltham Palace with a wonderful view of surrounding fields yet is only 25 mins from Central London.

Students are encouraged to enjoy to the full the innumerable sights, events and activities which London Eltham offers its visitors. The school provides information on this, as well as places of interest.

The aim is to encourage students to make discoveries, to immerse themselves in the environment and the culture. The school organises regular social activities, which help students to mix and make lasting friendships.

Activities include

Sports, movie nights, boat trips on the river, school parties, international evenings, night clubs to pubs and outputs. day trips and weekend to all the most popular places in the UK.

Affordable Prices

With us there are no cheap deals, only quality schools at the best prices. Rounded out with an individual consultation from language trip enthusiasts. And last but not least we are proud to use our success as a foundation for even better learning opportunities. 

39 Quality Schools Worldwide

We have experience not only in advising students regarding their individual learning needs. As a school network with our own language schools for over 60 years we know exactly what is important and what will make a language trip a successful experience.

All schools offered through are carefully selected using quality criteria and are regularly evaluated.

Official Accreditations

Quality is important to us. So important in fact, that we do not depend only on our vast experience, but we also demand that the schools sold through be tested and accredited through relevant national and international quality institutions.

We Speak Your Language

We do not only speak about language trips, we live them. In eight world languages even. All our consultants have already completed one or more language trips and know many of the destinations from their own experiences. Whether before, during, or after the language trip - our international team is always there for you.




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