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Maceió is the capital of the Brazilian state of Alagoas.

Maceió is the capital of the Brazilian state of Alagoas.

Population: 953 393 

The city is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Mundaú lagoon, which has great economic importance to the villages of fishermen who live on its shores .

The city has a diversified commerce and services sector, specially tourism, mainly because of the natural beauty of its beaches. It also has great cultural diversity and offers several options for regrowth and modern spaces for businesses, such as the new Cultural and Exhibition Center in Maceió.

Maceió has a typical warm tropical climate with warm temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year. However, these conditions are relieved by the absence of extreme temperatures and the presence of pleasant trade winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean. January is the warmer and sunniest month with near 32 °C and minimum of 22 °C, July is the wettest month, with lower temperatures of 27 °C and 17 °C.

Moving in Maceió

There are several ways to get around Maceió. One is taxi, which charges a fee of 3.5 reais to enter ($2), a figure which increases according to the distance traveled. 

On the other hand, you can also make use of public transport , which consists entirely on bus lines that run through the city. The price of each ticket is 2,10 reais ($ 1.20) and because of the absence of combinations you must pay a ticket for each bus you take. The other alternative is to rent a car, for which there are several companies operating at the airport and in the city.

Downtown: This area features numerous Portuguese colonial buildings, as well as several churches that house outstanding pieces of religious art. There are interesting museums in Jargua and concerts held frequently, as well as lots of cultural events.

The Beaches:
Long strips of beach characterize Maceio and you can easily spend hours lying on the sand, contemplating the beauty of the ocean and forgetting about city life. 

Praia Do Gunga: Located 30 minutes from Maceio and considered one of the best beaches in the country with an amazing display of colors.

Naturally Formed Pools: Some of the best pools are located about a mile off the coast of Pajuacara. It truly is a unique experience for those who love the beach and the ocean.

Surf: The beaches on the southern tip of Maceio are ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. They are quite safe and there aren't any sharp rocks under the sea, so it is possible to surf without very much risk of an accident.

Museums: One of the best is the Theo Brandao Museum, the museum features folk art and history exhibits, as well as local arts and crafts. Other museums include The Alagoas History and Geography Museum, the Pierre Chalita Museum, which exhibits art, the Music and Image Museum, the Natural History Museum, and there's even a Sports Museum, which you should definitely visit if you're a soccer fan.


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