Vancouver English Centre

In 2002, we built our new campus in Yaletown, in downtown Vancouver.

In 2002, we built our new campus in Yaletown, in downtown Vancouver. We have 47 classrooms, four computer labs, iBT TOEFL lab, 3D Multimedia room, and a coffee shop, all in one modern, attractive building.

  • Playland: Open in the summer months, Playland is the perfect place for thrill-seeking and carnival games, all wrapped into one.
  • Stanely Park: The largest park in Vancouver has many things to offer to virtually every visitor.
  • Grouse Mountain: Grouse Mountain is located in North Vancouver and is one of the best outdoor recreation locations in the Vancouver area. From hiking to skiing, Grouse Mountain offers year-round entertainment.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge: Take a walk across a swaying bridge (137m long, 70m high) located within a park of educational fun!
  • Qmunity: Qmunity is Vancouver’s best resource centre for the LGBTQA+ community. This organization offers many social services and programs, training and educational resources. Qmunity also has support groups, meeting spaces, counselling services, and a library.

English for Everyone: The primary goal of Vancouver English Centre is to provide English programs and services that fulfill the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and of different abilities.

English Language Immersion: We do everything possible to maintain an environment that supports our classroom instruction. Consequently, our English Only policy is a fundamental aspect of the school philosophy.

Educational Value: Students do not have unlimited time or resources. We provide our students with the tools to learn intensively and efficiently. Our courses, schedules and fees are carefully designed to benefit our students as much as possible.




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