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Fast Foward Sao Paulo

The biggest city in South America and one of the three largest in the world, São Paulo is considered one of Latin America's most important financial centers.

The biggest city in South America and one of the three largest in the world, São Paulo is considered one of Latin America's most important financial centers. It is the industrial center of Brazil, responsible for over 30% of Brazil's annual GNP, and headquarters to the majority of Brazilian and multinational corporations. Strong industrial development and cultural diversity have provided São Paulo with the largest, most cultured and educated middle class in Brazil.

São Paulo can be an intimidating place, but if you like big cities, it offers the excitement and nightlife of one of the world's most dynamic. Attractions include the baroque Teatro Municipal, Niemeyer's Edifício Copan, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the 16th-century Pátio do Colégio.

The school is located in the upscale neighborhood of Jardins, blocks away from Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo’s financial center. The tree-lined streets around the school are full of restaurants, neighborhood bars and nightclubs, as well as parks, with something for everyone and easy to explore.

Rua Vinte e Cinco de Março: Rua 25 de março is one of the most traditional commercial streets in São Paulo, lined with clothing, wares, knickknacks and trinkets galore, of all types and all prices.

Centro de Tradições Nordestinas: The Center for Northeastern Traditions brings the Northeastern community together on weekends with regional music attractions, rustic restaurants serving the best Northeastern food, and bars named after every Northeastern state.

Embu das Artes: Embu das Artes is an artists’ community locates outside Sao Paulo. Since 1950, local and outside artists have made Embu their home, and offer an exciting market. Additionally, this city has a rare natural beauty between the municipalities and the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Bairro da Liberdade: São Paulo has the largest number of Japanese living outside of Japan. The Liberdade neighborhood is the most Asian influenced section of São Paulo, and the traditional home of its Japanese population.

MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna: The Modern Art Museum of São Paulo was founded in 1948. Situated in the Parque Ibirapuera, it is composed of two exposition rooms that present Brazilian and international, modern and contemporary art. The museum’s permanent collection, composed of about 3,700 works of modern and contemporary art, is also found in this building.

MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo: The Sao Paulo Museum of Art was inaugurated on October 2, 1947. The MASP collections are varied and include works from diverse artists such as Rubens, Picasso, Degas, Warhol, Dali, Botticelli, and Portinari.

Terraço Itália: This is the tallest building in the city, at 165 meters high, with 46 stories. It was built in the early 60's and inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II. On the 46th floor there is a restaurant, called the 'Terraço Itália', from where it is possible to see all of São Paulo.

  • Business Center: Wireless Internet, computers, printer and fax are available to students at no additional charge. Printing is limited.
  • Currency Exchange: Fast Forward Language Institute is able to exchange currency for students. We can work with U.S. dollars in the form of traveler's checks, cash, and personal checks. For other currencies and monetary systems, we may be able to assist students. We will need approximately 24 hours to complete the transaction.
  • Travel Arrangements: Fast Forward Language Institute can verify and confirm all of the student's travel arrangements in advance as we have in our facility our own travel agency. We can also assist students in making reservations and purchasing airfare if the student wishes to travel within Brazil before, during or after have completed his language course with us.
  • Mail Service: We can send and receive personal mail for you.
  • Arrival and Departure Transfer: For an extra fee (see Price list and Start dates) we can meet and take students from the airport to their accommodation, or vice-versa. Arrival time is no problem, as long as we are notified at least 72 hours beforehand.



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