William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute?s main campus lies in the heart of Melbourne, the world?s most livable city.

William Angliss Institute?s main campus lies in the heart of Melbourne, the world?s most livable city. Culturally diverse, without being overwhelming in size, Melbourne is welcoming, multicultural and lively. 

William Angliss Institute?s Melbourne campus is located at 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne. Melbourne has been awarded the world?s most livable city for the third time in a row in the Economist Intelligence Unit Survey. In the review of 140 cities, Melbourne was given perfect scores for health care, education and infrastructure.

As a student of foods, tourism, hospitality or events, you can immerse yourself in the city?s vibrant café, restaurant and bar culture. Each year millions of tourists visit Melbourne to attend events such as F1 Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final and numerous festivals, providing our students with exciting first-hand experience in their vocations as well as a choice of work experiences when they graduate.

Your time in Melbourne will be as enjoyable as you make it. There are great resources available to international students wishing to connect with others and experience all the city has to offer.

You can also find great websites in the ?Useful Website? section to help you meet others, get active and get out and about in Melboune. Some of our favourites are listed below. 

City of Melbourne Discover Melbourne Guide for international students This guide has been put together by the City of Melbourne for Students new to Melbourne. It contains information about Melbourne including places to explore, shop, eat, relax, visit and play; as well as useful maps, key locations, and a calendar of events.

Student Services

William Angliss Institute provides you with a range of services and assistance to achieve in your studies, professional and personal life. Opportunities are also provided to make friends and have fun in a diverse community. For a complete list of student services and facilities, visit www.angliss.edu.au.

Angliss International Office

Angliss International Office is responsible for the admission, orientation and welfare of all international students. The office provides advice on matters relating to program admission, student visa regulations, ESOS requirements, payment of fees and further study options for international students.

In conjunction with Student Support Services at the Institute, the Angliss International Office provides International students with important support services and pastoral care while students are studying at the Institute. Please visit the Angliss International Office if you require assistance.

International Student Course Coordinators

International student course coordinators have been appointed in the teaching departments to help you to understand timetables, assignment tasks and day-to-day issues. They will also monitor your course progress, consult with your teachers and organise support services if required to ensure that you make satisfactory course progress.


The Institute will assist you to adjust to study and life in Australia through an orientation program. You must attend the orientation program during the week prior to commencement of your course at the Institute.

The orientation program offers a number of activities to welcome you to the Institute and help you:

  • Meet other students.
  • Obtain information on OSHC, Student Visa, legal services, emergency and health services, facilities and complaints and appeals processes.
  • Get to know your international coordinators, program managers, international office staff and student support staff.
  • Find useful resources and services at the Institute including information on accommodation, study strategies.
  • academic requirements and expectations.
  • Join a tour around the campus.
  • Enjoy fun activities.


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