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Centennial College

Centennial College

Centennial College is one of Canada’s foremost research colleges.

Centennial College is one of Canada’s foremost research colleges. Between 1997 and 2007, our research activity has been unrelenting. We have worked on an impressive, interdisciplinary set of projects.


Centennial College's five campuses are home to eight schools.

  • Ashtonbee Campus, home to Transportation, Advancement, and selected Community and Health studies programs.
  • Eglinton Learning Site, home to the School of Advancement's English Language Learning program.
  • Morningside Campus, home to Community and Health Studies, and selected Engineering Technology and Applied Science programs.
  • Pickering Learning Site, home to our Corporate Communications - Public Relations program and more.
  • Progress Campus, home to Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Culture, and selected Engineering Technology and Applied Science and Community and Health Studies programs.
  • Story Arts Centre, home to Communications, Media and Design programs.

Centennial has a student association and they are actively promoting student well-being and providing them with services that enhance their college experience. The Centennial College Student Association Inc.


(CCSAI) has a location at all four campuses, with the Student Centre at Progress campus as its headquarters. It offers various services and holds events to improve student lives and engage them in their college community.

  • Athletics and Wellness: CCSAI is in charge of the athletics at Centennial, and takes care of the AWC (Athletics and Wellness Centre) at Progress campus.

In addition to the services, CCSAI provides student life. It holds events and activities on campus and off campus that are fun and complimentary to schooling. 

Centennial College recognizes the importance of student advising and helping students in achieving their personal and academic goals.


Great student experiences attract strong, dedicated individuals - students of today - become leaders of tomorrow. The College is focused on helping you succeed by providing you with advisors to meet the range of your needs and aspirations.


From tutoring to mentoring, from Aboriginal Education Services to Aboriginal Student Services, from Career Services & Co-operative Education to overall First Year Experiences, we will continue to consult with you regularly and continue to help you on your journey to success.




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